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Saturday, July 30, 2005

So Easy
It is so easy for some people, most of the "experts" to criticize others when a tragedy occurs. This years Boy Scout Jamboree, the accident that took the lives of the 4 scout leaders is a prime example. There is no doubt that mistakes where made, and because that four families, and the boy scouts who witnessed the accident are suffering a heartbreak most of us cannot begin to understand. Then they had the scouts that suffer from heat sickness while waiting for the president's address, and yes maybe it could have been avoided, but nobody planned for his arrival to be delayed so long. Apparently the delay was caused by some severe thunderstorms in the area, yet the scouts couldn't be moved into a area where they could have been sheltered from the extreme heat we were having due to security measures.
It hasn't taken long for the vultures to start circling, professional event planners, and crisis management specialist to start plying the press with their could of's, should of's, and the I would of's! This boils my blood!!! Why can't these experts volunteer their time to the boy scouts and girl scouts when they are planning these events??? That would certainly go a long way to help prevent tragedy like these from happening at future jamborees. These organizations are run mainly by volunteers, and they are very safety oriented, but heaven knows they could always use the help and knowledge these "experts" are now sharing with the press after these incidents have already happened. It's amazing how an outsiders hindsight is so press worthy, but that is so typical of today's mainstream news media.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Cold Comfort
While reading a news story this evening about the impending arrival of hurricane Dennis that thought that crossed my mind. Those words will be a cold comfort to the families of the tourist and residents who are ignoring the mandatory evacuation order for the Florida Keys, should they not survive this already deadly hurricane. "We've never been in a hurricane before, or even near one" a tourist from Peterbourgh,England said while he was drinking at Sloppy Joe's bar in Key West,FL. he continued to say that he was planning to go back to his hotel with his wife "lock the door, pull the blinds and hope for the best". "If the power stays on we've got the TV. We've got the minibar. We've got each other." I hope at the very lease they've given the police the information on how to contact the next of kin back in England, but I pray that their common sense kicks in before it's to late to get out of there!!!
I've lived well inland in South Carolina for the last 7 years now, but I grew up only 10 miles from the ocean in Delaware, and I've seen first hand just what a hurricane can do! We took a direct hit from a hurricane when I was 11 years old, we were lucky, we only lost a large maple tree. I remember watching the wind gauge with my grandfather that night, that is until a gust in excess of 110 mph broke it. It is rare for a hurricane to make a direct hit or landfall in Delaware, normally they brush pass there, but even then they can do a great deal of damage. I've seen ocean front houses that have been pounded off their pilings, and homes the next street back washed off their foundations. I've watched the storm surge flatten the dunes and join the ocean to the bay so strongly that it created a new inlet. When I was young I thought it was cool to ride to the beach with my dad to see the damage while we were in the "eye of the storm". Now I know just how crazy, and dangerous that was.
If I was on vacation in the Florida keys or panhandle, I'd be getting the heck out of there right now. If I lived there the odds are I'd still be on my way out with a hurricane this strong and large coming my way. It's not worth risking my life, and the worry it would cause my family to be so foolish to stay there.
Yeah, the words "we've never seen, or been near a hurricane", would be a very cold comfort to me!

The British

Once again the steadfast spirit of the people in Great Britain is shining through. This morning commuters returned to the tubes and buses in a show of defiance to the terrorist attempts to break the spirit of the everyday working man and woman. They are a shining example for us all in how to respond to these despicable acts. My thoughts and prayers go out the injuried, and to the families of those murdered in this barbarous act.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Aping for the Cameras
I was sickened this morning as I watched the Today Shows special report on the terror attack in London. Many people in the audience outside on the plaza were aping for the cameras as if nothing had happened, as if they were a bunch of slack-jawed idiots. Where was their expression of concern or sadness for the loss of life and all the injured this morning? Any other day their lack of self control and dignity would merely be annoying to me, but this morning it was down right sickening! There they were screaming, and jumping around as if they had lost all their common sense. How is it that so many adults have lost any sense of dignity and public decorum?!!!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Have you watched any of the programs on t.v. where the say your votes will decide who is going to win the contest? You know the shows I’m talking about, "American Idol" is most likely the one everyone has heard of or watched. The advertising claims that our votes, either by phone or online will determine who will the contest, well I just don’t buy it ! Have you seen where they offer any proof that the viewing audience votes have decided who is eliminated each week, let alone who is the person that wins the contest. I’ve voted via phone for a couple of these programs, one of the things I’ve noticed id that there’s no way to prevent you from placing countless votes for the contestant of your choice. Last night on "Food TV" they aired the final installment of "The Next Food Network Star", where you were supposed to vote either online or by text message, I tried to log on to the site for at least 45 minutes, finally giving up out of frustration I have to wonder just how many viewers were able to "vote" over the short time span(around 45 minutes) after they announced who the 2 finalist actually were. The results were tabulated, and announced on "live t.v." last night, all this supposedly happened during the course of the 1 ½ hours the program was on , I just don’t buy it, do you?

This is a new adventure for me, outside of one history class in high school I have never keep a journal of any type. I am not a natural "writer", I can talk your ears off, but when it comes down to putting my thoughts on paper I get caught up on the mechanicals of it. I guess I've never gotten over having Mrs.Wilgus standing over my shoulder in 6th grade english. She was a great teacher, but I am sad to say that I wasn't a great student, so if my grammer is a mess please don't blame her. I will for the most part be writing the same way that I talk, with a southern accent. My accent is a hybrid, haft Sussex County,DE, a quarter Tennessee, and a quarter South Carolina, but that's a story that deserves a post of its own some day.
Now if I can just figure out how to cut and paste, I'll get my first real topic posted to this blog. I've had my desktop for 4 years, and I've had my laptop since Christmas, but I am still a greenhorn when it comes to operating either one of them,lol.